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Independent Living Services

Independent Living Services is a state agency, and is part of the Kentucky
Office for the Blind. We work to help people who are having trouble with daily
living skills due to a change in their visual abilities. We treat each person as a
separate and special individual. Together with the person we are serving, we look at
the blindness-related problems and work with that person to achieve greater
independence. Our services are provided in the person's home. We also work with
the families of people we serve, so they may understand the changing needs of their
family member.

Independent Living Services works with people who are blind or visually impaired to
help them perform the activities associated with daily living. This involves training in
the person's home on different ways of performing tasks. It also involves providing
adaptive equipment (for example: talking clocks, magnifiers, writing paper with bold
lines, etc.) that can help people to perform the activities of daily living in a more
independent manner. Training and provision of adaptive equipment are based on
individual needs.

Anyone living in Kentucky who is "functionally blind" can be considered for service.
If blindness interferes with a person's ability to live independently, and if services from
Independent Living Services can increase independence, the person is eligible for
service. There is no age limit, and a person's income and financial resources do not
matter. Functional Blindness means a visual impairment which results in a
corrected visual acuity of 20/60 or less in the better eye or a visual field of no more
than 60 degrees in the better eye. This includes people found to have "legal

Anyone can refer an individual for Independent Living Services by calling our office at
the telephone number listed for that service area.  Find the number for your area by
checking the map for your location.

Services of the Kentucky Office for the Blind are provided on a non-discriminatory basis
without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, or marital status.


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